Rideshare Green light Hub San Diego

Welcome to UberGreenlighthubSandiego.com. If you have any questions regarding the activation process or if you’ve been deactivated, it’s very good to go down to a hub. If you have just general questions shoot them over to me. My email and my text number underneath is video. I’m available 365 ladies and gentlemen. I get back to everyone. I have a wealth of information to share so I try to answer every question you have to my very, very best ability. I also have a lot of drivers driving for me so I can always run your question by them in case I myself can’t answer it. If you’re thinking of joining in San Fran, yes you can go to the hub, you can bring your banking details, your insurance documents, your registration documents and your driver’s license but you can also do that directly on my link underneath this video. You can upload those very documents, save yourself a trip down to the greenlight hub and on top of that you get the bonus and the guarantee from a driver so it’s called a referral guarantee that you get. You do not get that if you go to the hub and sign up there. So take that into consideration, again 365 my friends, that’s when I’m available and I’m excited to hear from you drive safe out there in San Diego. If you want to know the ins and outs of the city, I’ve driven San Diego many times, anywhere between LA Orange County and San Diego, I can give you a wealth of information, the places where you can make money in San Diego, the categories that are very good in that city, where to drive with what category, what times, how to capitalize on the surges. Those are many of the things we can go over, if you’re thinking of joining. Have an amazing day.

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